50th Wedding Anniversary Photography

50th Wedding Anniversary Photography

Mike and Linda in Phoenix Arizona

We recently worked a 50th Wedding Anniversary Photography job for a wonderful couple named Mike and Linda. They were so sweet together and still in love after all this time, with a large family and lots of love all the way around.

They chose to have a vow renewal ceremony at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church here in Phoenix to confirm their commitment to each other, and then went to a Salon de Fiestas Cancun to celebrate with friends and family. We were honored to be asked to help with Photography service, and here are a few photos from their event.

50th Anniversary Couple in Arizona
Linda and Mike arriving at the Church in their Hummer Limousine
Phoenix Church Service
Vow Renewal at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Phoenix AZ
50th Anniversary Couple
Mike and Linda recreate their Wedding Portrait from 50 years ago

After the Vow Renewal ceremony, it was on to Salon de Fiestas Cancun to celebrate. There was food, dancing and fun with friends and family. It was especially nice to see the respect that Mike and Linda were shown from all who were there. Later, a Mariachi band showed up and played for the enjoyment of the guests. All in all, it was a grand time!

Junior Bridesmaids Dancing
The granddaughters were having fun and kicking up their heels
Mariachi Band
There was a Mariachi Band playing music
Wedding Cake
Of course they needed some Cake


There was loving Family, young and old
50th Wedding Anniversary Photography
50 years later and they’re still in Love

To see more photos from their event and look at some more Weddings and other types of events, please see our Photography Portfolio page on this blog, and feel free to visit our website at www.3oe.co for more information.