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Mesa Engagement Photos

Mesa Engagement Photos

Mesa Engagement Photos were so much fun with Haley and Dylan and their four-legged buddy at Dobson Ranch Park in Mesa, Arizona. They’re getting married next year at The Phoenix Zoo and it’s going to be such a blast! 3 Oceans Entertainment – Cameron and Robbie Carpenter – are very excited to be their Phoenix Wedding DJ and Photographer!

Haley and Dylan Engagement
Haley and Dylan Engagement

With a smile on the face and a song in the heart.

Haley and Dylan
Haley and Dylan

It sure was nice of Ginger to show up and say “hi”.

Dylan Ginger and Haley - Family Photography with Dog - 3 Oceans Photographer Robbie Carpenter
Dylan Ginger and Haley

After all, she is pretty cute!

Ginger the Dog - Mesa Engagement Photos with AZ Wedding Photographer Robbie Carpenter 3 Oceans Entertainment
Ginger the Dog

And Ginger approves of the marriage.

Ginger the Dog Kisses the Ring - Mesa Engagement Photos - 3 Oceans Photographer Robbie Carpenter
Ginger the Dog Kisses the Ring

She even decided to “hold paws” and participate in a wedding engagement blessing.

Puppy Love for the Wedding - Ginger the Dog holding hands with engaged couple - 3 Oceans Photography Phoenix Arizona
Puppy Love for the Wedding

We were all very happy that she also decided to settle down and smile for a nice family portrait. What a good girl!

Dylan Ginger and Haley
Dylan Ginger and Haley

The happy couple is enjoying their engagement and are happily planning details of their upcoming wedding at The Phoenix Zoo.

Haley and Dylan at Dobson Ranch Library - Mesa Engagement Photos with Mesa Engagement Photographer Robbie Carpenter 3 Oceans Photography Phoenix Chandler Gilbert Mesa Arizona
Haley and Dylan at Dobson Ranch Library

Rollings/Church Mesa Engagement Photos

Haley and Dylan
When you’re young and in love, the world’s your oyster!

Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix Zoo

Arizona Center for Nature Conservation is the organization behind the Phoenix Zoo that advances the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats while providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

The Phoenix Zoo is located at 455 North Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, Arizona. They are one of the largest private non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations in the country, and rely on admissions, concessions, memberships, special event and philanthropic donations for their daily operations.

Their hours vary by season, and there is current information on hours and rates on their webpage for that:

Hours & Rates

Hire a Wedding Photographer

Hire a Wedding Photographer

Hire a Wedding Photographer who cares about you more than marketing themselves at your event.

Last night’s wedding was something else (Warning: possible self-righteous rant to follow) when I was hired to perform as DJ for a wonderful couple and had a grand time with them. They decided to hire a wedding photographer that was not  www.threeoceansentertainment.com/photo for photography service, and that’s ok; our services are available independently and without obligation for others.

Hire a Wedding Photographer - Phoenix Chandler Sedona AZ Wedding Event Photography DJ Videography
3 Oceans Entertainment Photo DJ Video – Phoenix and statewide in AZ

However, I believe that when the sales process is concluded, and all of the accounting and office paperwork is finished, and it’s time to provide actual performance (also known as “execution”) that it’s time to set the marketing aside.

That’s where this particular photographer clearly had a much different philosophy than us. Having worked another event in another capacity with them previously and recently, I immediately noticed a trend similar to before. From the moment they arrived at the event venue, she and her assistant (for ranting purposes and not naming names, I’ll just write “she” and “he” and so forth) began methodically selling themselves to any and everyone they could, looking to get paid for their next event. Wow.

Seriously, at one point I saw her huddle down and compose a Gmail message response  – kind of hard to miss – while her back was turned on the action that unfolded and concluded without her involvement.

At another point, I let her know, as event DJs are known to do, that something special was about to happen. I was absolutely shocked when she told me to hold on because she had something else more important do do right now at this very moment. As it turns out, she wanted to run out to her car and get some marketing materials to leave with the Director of Catering so she could work on her to become a preferred vendor at the facility. She had sensed an opening and was like a shark with blood.

Then there was her associate. This guy…

Just as before, he loudly announced himself upon his entrance and proclaimed his glory to all in the land. He made sure that everyone knew his name and the fact that, although he was “just the second shooter” he had his own photography company and would be happy to let you know about it. He spent a lot time standing around loudly talking (at highly inappropriate times, such as, oh say, the Wedding Ceremony!) and “schmoozing”, meaning basically extolling his virtues. During set-up, I was confronted with a particularly difficult technical situation involving poor Wi-Fi access at the venue, and was feverishly working to fix it. He felt this was the appropriate time to grill me about my business practices, starting with “how did I get hired for this job” and so forth. Both of them had previously interrogated me about my rates, marketing strategies, bookings, and more. I was wondering if they were going to ask me my social security number and Mother’s maiden name!

Things really changed this time though, when I had the audacity to request that the associate quit “talking shop” and focus on the task at hand. You know, the Bride and Groom?

For the remainder of the evening, he pouted around me, which was fine because I certainly didn’t need his frivolous distraction. Unfortunately, he could not quite hold back and wait until the guests had all left when he exploded with “I didn’t like what you said to me!” and wouldn’t stop until he’d worked his way through the script of the old Jerry Springer show in front of everyone. Fun for TV, but unbelievably inappropriate at someone’s wedding.

Sales and marketing is essential to the success of any business. But there is a line that must not be crossed, when it becomes shameless and relentless self-promotion at the expense of the client. A wedding photographer owes a particular obligation to their client, often by now their friend, to give them their complete and undivided attention during this most important time in their lives. Please choose one who will pour their heart and soul into yours.

WeddingWire Winners 8 Consecutive Years

We are WeddingWire Winners for the 8th straight year in a row

WeddingWire Winners 8 Consecutive Years 2009-2016

with the Couples’ Choice Awards – previously known as the Bride’s Choice Awards – for our DJ, Photography, and Videography services in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

This is especially significant for a good reason. Although many AZ wedding vendors claim this award for a year or more here and there, very few have the distinction of winning the award every single year back to the very first time these awards were issued in 2009. In fact, 3 Oceans Entertainment is one of only 9 Arizona wedding vendors who can say this.

WeddingWire Winners 3 Oceans Entertainment website
3 Oceans Entertainment – Event Wedding DJ Photo Video services in AZ

Just for fun, let’s break this down. Looking at the winners in all categories and in all markets nationwide is a lot of effort resulting in a huge number, so let’s just look at the Phoenix, AZ market and focus on Wedding Photographers, Videographers and DJs.

This year there were 153 award winners in those 3 categories. Very cool if you’re one of them, and understandable that a company’s PR person might feel compelled to brag about it, especially if it’s the first time.

Now let’s go back to 2009, when this same program was named “Bride’s Choice Awards” and there was only a total of 63. That’s a little different story. How many of these 63 carried through with an unbroken winning streak all the way to present? The answer is 9. They are:

  1. 3 Oceans Entertainment – DJ, Photography, and Videography
  2. Ray the DJ – DJ
  3. Ray Mar Productions – DJ
  4. Face the Music – DJ
  5. Birkett Entertainment – DJ
  6. Bill Limbach, The DJ for You! – DJ
  7. AZ Celebrity DJ – DJ
  8. All-American DJ – DJ
  9. Pinkerton Photography – Photography

There were no Phoenix AZ Wedding Videographers who made the list, and only 1 Photographer. Congratulations to these 8 other Arizona wedding vendors, who deserve recognition for honor in an increasingly crowded field. 9 companies specializing in weddings in the Phoenix area with a positive and proven track record over the last 8 years is a very small number indeed.

Why would a Bride and Groom even consider someone else? An insured professional with great rates and outstanding service is the way to go when considering Phoenix AZ wedding vendors, and WeddingWire winners 3 Oceans Entertainment are worth a look.

Halloween Same Sex Wedding

www.3oe.co had so much fun at a

Halloween Same Sex Wedding

in Cave Creek Arizona with Peg and Linda and their fabulous friends and family. Sugar skulls, hats and canes and more were on display as the two wonderful women said their vows and danced to a live bluegrass band.

Halloween Same Sex Wedding - 3 Oceans Entertainment Same Sex Wedding Photographers in AZ
Halloween Wedding Party

With a picture in mind they set about their wedding plans.

Lesbian Wedding in AZ
Linda and Peg

Everyone dressed up for the festivities.

Dressed Up
I know, right??!!

Linda knew the day was bound to be special.

Halloween Bride - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographer
Something is going to happen.

An offer was made

Presenting a Rose
Presenting a Rose

and accepted.

Brides and Friends - Arizona Same Sex Union - Lesbian Wedding - Gay Marriage - 3 Oceans Entertainment
Brides and Friends

There’s nothing quite like dancing to a live band!

Ladies First Dance - Halloween Same Sex Wedding in AZ
Ladies First Dance

Cutting the cake is a required wedding activity

Halloween Wedding Cake
Cutting the Sugar Skull Halloween Wedding Cake

and lots of fun when it’s so unique. What a wonderful occasion!Sugar Skull Wedding Cake

3 Oceans Entertainment has long been a friend to the AZ LGBT community, with support for marriage equality even before it was legal in Arizona. We are a happily married couple who love to celebrate marriage. Linda and Peg have taken this commitment even further, as technically they were married last year on Halloween and simply chose to to make it official for friends and family this year, now that same sex unions are legal in Arizona, and marriage equality is the law of the land.

Please consider contacting us about Arizona Wedding Photographer Robbie Carpenter if you’re getting married anywhere in the State of Arizona and are searching for quality and professional, affordable wedding photography. Husband Cameron Carpenter is a wedding DJ and Videographer who would love to be considered as well! Give us a look at www.3oe.co

AZ Wedding Photographer

AZ Wedding Photographer

Robbie Carpenter of 3 Oceans Entertainment was so fortunate to be at the Scottsdale wedding of Antonella and Rob.

Phoenix AZ Wedding Photographer 3 Oceans Entertainment Scottsdale Wedding Photography
Girls Peeking – 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Wedding Photographer Robbie Carpenter

From the moment she arrived there was excitement in the air. Special moments abounded!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

There was beauty in black and white.

Classic B&W Bride
Classic B&W Bride
B&W Prayer
B&W Prayer

After the beautiful Ceremony the fun began…

Kissing in Front of the Kids - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photography
Kissing in Front of the Kids

…with the cutest kids ever.

Cute Kids - 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix Wedding Photography
Cute Kids

Even the Groomsmen could not believe he got a ring.

Scottsdale Wedding Photography
You Got a What?!

And that made them jump for joy.

Jump for Joy - 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Wedding Photography, Photographers
Jump for Joy – 3 Oceans Entertainment

We wish Rob and Antonella a lifetime of happiness and beyond,

Robert and Antonella 2 Rings
Robert and Antonella Rings

Because their romance is timeless and elegant.

Timeless Elegant Romance
Timeless Elegant Romance

3 Oceans Entertainment www.3oe.co




Arizona Event DJ

Arizona Event DJ

Cameron Carpenter of 3 Oceans Entertainment was there at the end of summer Luau pool party at the historic San Marcos Resort in Chandler Arizona. Along with Walt Richardson, they provided some “jammin’ tunes” for the enjoyment of the guests of Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort, plus anyone else who wanted to come hang out at the pool and have a good time.

Walt Richardson and Arizona Event DJ Cameron Carpenter
Walt Richardson and Arizona Event DJ Cameron Carpenter

The fantastic staff at the San Marcos were stellar as usual. They created yummy traditional luau fare, had the gazebo bar stocked up and providing refreshment, and had the pool sparkling and the tub tub cozy and inviting. With a poolside bar and great food right there, what more could a person ask for?

Walt Richardson

Walt would play a couple of great sets during the day, and when he got too hot and tired, he’d take a break and Arizona Event DJ Cameron would take over the sounds of the party. It was a momentous afternoon!

The best part, was that San Tan Brewery came by with some great drink specials on ice cold beer. An outstanding crowd favorite was “Mr. Pineapple”, an incredible pineapple wheat beer described by the folks at SanTan as:

“A stylish wheat with a tropical personality, infused with fresh pineapple juice from Fair Trade Costa Rican farms, takes traditional wheat beer and adds some seriously cool character.”

San Tan Pineapple and Walt
San Tan Pineapple and Walt

It’s easy to see why it’s fun to be in Chandler!

Soon, the fall season will bring a new series of events in the courtyard, and Arizona DJ Cameron ( http://www.threeoceansentertainment.com/dj.html ) of 3 Oceans Entertainment www.3oe.co will be there to enjoy it with all.

Arizona Photography 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Photographers, AZ Anniversary Photography

Photographers in Phoenix AZ

Photographers in Phoenix AZ

3 Oceans Entertainment Robbie and Cameron Carpenter were so delighted that Angeleda and Thaddeus wanted photography of their 8th Wedding Anniversary and invited us to beautiful Lake Pleasant in Arizona to share some precious time with them.

They started their afternoon by simply looking into each others eyes and remembering why they fell in love in the first place. Then they realized their fortune, knowing that they have that feeling right now, in the moment they are in.

Looking in Love
Looking in Love

Then they took turns putting the other in perspective.

My Girl
My Girl
My Guy
My Guy

The sun sure was bright and sensitive eyes need sunglasses.

Arizona Photography 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Photographers, AZ Anniversary Photography, Photographers in Phoenix AZ
Sun Lake Kiss – Anniversary Portrait by 3 Oceans Entertainment Photographer Robbie Carpenter in Phoenix Arizona

So bright that it clearly shined on their tender kiss.

Phoenix Arizona Sun Kiss
Arizona Sun Kiss

It’s also clear that they know exactly who they are as a couple. They are so comfortable together, and have such a natural energy that it can be felt. How fun is that?!

Framed at Lake Pleasant Arizona with 3 Oceans Entertainment Photographer Robbie Carpenter
Framed at Lake Pleasant Arizona with 3 Oceans Entertainment Photographer Robbie Carpenter

We wish them many more years of happiness together,

The Road Together
The Road Together

and we think they will be in love for a long time.

Romantic Sunset at Lake Pleasant AZ - 3 Oceans Entertainment Photography Phoenix Arizona, Photographers in Phoenix AZ
Romantic Sunset at Lake Pleasant AZ – 3 Oceans Entertainment Photography Phoenix Arizona

If you’d like to schedule a Wedding Anniversary Photo Session, please give us a call or an email! Contact information is on our website at www.3oe.co and our photography webpage can be seen at Affordable Wedding Photography in Arizona 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding and Event DJ Photo Video Services in AZ

Robbie Carpenter Photography Portfolio

Tempe AZ Photographer

Tempe AZ Photographer

3 Oceans Entertainment was so happy to help with the engagement photo shoot of Lori and Carlos at the Tempe Town Lake Bridge and Park in Tempe Arizona.

Tempe Town Lake Bride Engaged Couple 3 Oceans Entertainment Tempe Wedding Photography - Tempe AZ Photographer
Spinning Kiss at the Tempe Town Lake Bridge – 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding Photographers

Lori and Carlos are just so natural together. We had such fun with them and could feel their joy.

Of course, they spent most of their time kissing in the park.

Kissing in the Park
Kissing in the Park

But they did find time for a stroll around they park, and a sit by the lake.

Tempe Town Lake Bridge Blue Water and Sky - 3 Oceans Entertainment - Tempe AZ Photographer - Tempe Arizona Photographers
Beautiful Blue over the Water

And by the time sunset came around, they were relaxed and comfortable.

Romantic Sunset over water at Tempe Town Lake
Romantic Sunset

For more shots of their engagement and other photos, see our Photography Portfolio and as always the website is www.threeoceansentertainment.com – 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Tempe AZ Photographer – Arizona Wedding Photography


Arizona Event DJ

Arizona Event DJ

Cameron3OE of 3 Oceans Entertainment is heating up on Friday nights in Chandler AZ at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort with the Spring series of Garden Parties in the Courtyard.

More and more people are coming out every week as the evening temperatures begin to hit the perfect zone, and the great environment of downtown Chandler invites and welcomes.

Courtyard Garden Party at Crowne Plaza San Marcos
Courtyard Garden Party DJ Dancing

The Crowne Plaza San Marcos is a wonderful venue, located in the heart of historic downtown Chandler Arizona. San Marcos Resort is rather unique in the area. Not only is there historic significance to the location, but with this series of events, now families can come here and spend time together, with music and dancing, great food for all, plus drinks for the adults! Join us on Friday nights in April from 8-11 PM to enjoy an all ages outdoor dance party with your friends and family. A fun light show accompanies the music and invites you to jump on the dance floor and cut loose. If dancing is just not your thing, feel free to relax and chill in an enjoyable atmosphere. Either way, it’s a great way to spend some of your Friday night.

Music styles run fairly wide here. Because we’re open to all ages, you’ll hear old favorites and new songs, too. Here is a video clip of the action during an “old school” portion of a recent evening’s festivities. Click on the link or photo below to watch VIDEO :

Dancing at San Marcos in Chandler AZ with 3OE

Arizona Event DJ Cameron 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix Wedding Event DJ Photo Video
Dancing at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort with 3 Oceans Entertainment

Mark your calendars on Fridays in April to come and see Arizona Event DJ 3 Oceans Entertainment at the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler Arizona.

Chandler Arizona DJ

Chandler Arizona DJ

3 Oceans Entertainment is thrilled to be working as a Chandler Arizona DJ with the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in historic downtown Chandler AZ for an outdoor Courtyard Garden Party series of Friday night fun. With music for listening and dancing, a firepit for warmth and atmosphere, a large and comfortable courtyard for stretching out, and great food and drink nearby, it’s sure to be a relaxing and fun way to spend a Friday night in Chandler AZ. Come on out for a great date night, or together with friends, family and maybe some new friends have a wonderful time in historic downtown Chandler Arizona.

DJ Cameron 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix Chandler Arizona DJ
DJ Cameron 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix Chandler Arizona DJ – Courtyard Garden Party at Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler AZ

The beautiful Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort has a rich heritage deeply tied with the roots of Chandler, from the grand opening of the original Hotel San Marcos taking place on November 22, 1913 to a 1982 listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Taken from http://downtownchandler.org/a-history-of-downtown-chandler/ ,

The San Marcos Hotel opened in 1913 and was the first in Arizona to offer guests a full complement of amenities. Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a close friend of Dr. Chandler’s, spent considerable time at the construction site overseeing the project with his friend. The resort was built in Mission Revival style and many advertisements called it the “New Pasadena.” In 1914, the San Marcos became the first hotel with a grass golf course. The resort today attracts visitors from around the globe and still maintains the historic feel and comfort of a winter retreat.”

DJ Cameron of 3 Oceans Entertainment will be there on Fridays beginning March 6th, 2015 for an ongoing series of Courtyard Garden Parties, which will range anywhere from listening to dancing. In addition to enjoying the wonderful feel of the courtyard, you’re free to request the music you’d like to hear, playing on a state of the art sound system with a rich and full sound. You’ll be able to dance when you’d like, yet still be able to speak with the person next to you.

Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort Courtyard DJ Cameron 3 Oceans Entertainment
Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort Courtyard DJ Cameron 3 Oceans Entertainment

With fantastic food and drinks, a great family friendly environment, and great sounding music from a live Chandler Arizona DJ, a fun time awaits on Friday nights in March in the Courtyard of the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler AZ.