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Scottsdale Arizona Wedding

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding

What a grand time everyone had at the Scottsdale Arizona Wedding of Russ and Lida La Rose.  We were so fortunate to be involved as their Photographer, Videographers and DJ MC, working together as a team at one of the most enjoyable Scottsdale Arizona Weddings that we have ever participated in.

Electricity was in the air as they arrived at Ancala Country Club and began preparations to be married; so much that not only could the people feel it, but the surroundings also, as it bounced off the walls and even their wedding rings.

Wedding Photographers in Scottsdale AZ - 3 Oceans Entertainment DJ Photo Video
Electric Rings – 3 Oceans Entertainment Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Photography

The beautiful Bride arrived and began getting ready for her big day.

Scottsdale Arizona Bridal Preparation
Bridal Preparation at Ancala Country Club in Scottsdale AZ

It clearly worked out well, as the Bride was simply stunning.

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Photography - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographer
Lida La Rose the Beautiful Bride

With preparations complete, it was time to remind Russ that this was his last chance to run!

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Photography - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ
Last Chance to Run

Of course he did not.  They were married with love, unity,

Unity Sand at Scottsdale Arizona Wedding - 3 Oceans Entertainment Photo Video DJ
Unity Sand at Scottsdale Arizona Wedding – 3 Oceans Entertainment Photo Video DJ

and a kiss to seal the deal.

Wedding Kiss
Wedding Kiss

There was time for sunset photos before the sun went down,

Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Sunset
Scottsdale Arizona Wedding Sunset

and also after.

Bride and Groom in Love spelled out in sparkler - 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Weddings
Lida and Russ in Love

After the reception (which included lots of fun surprises contained in their wedding video,) they fired up the sparklers again for a honeymoon send off.

Sparkler send off for Scottsdale Arizona Wedding couple - 3 Oceans Entertainment
Sparkler send off for Mr and Mrs La Rose

Russ and Lida were grateful to their friends and family for attending, and sped off to their Honeymoon.

Lida and Russ Thank You
Lida and Russ Thank You

See more pictures of their event in our photography portfolio, and visit our website for more information on 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding DJ Photo Video.  Thanks!

Mesa Arizona Wedding Photography

Mesa Arizona Wedding Photography

Having thoroughly enjoyed our engagement session with Brad and Kim and their family, we were really looking forward to spending the big day with them when it was time for their wedding.  They opted for Mesa Arizona Wedding Photography and DJ services from 3 Oceans Entertainment, so Robbie and I especially enjoyed being able to work together.

Of course we had to include a shot of their wedding rings, and we thought they looked so good in one of Kim’s red roses.

Wedding Rings in Red Rose - 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding Photographers
Wedding Rings in Red Rose – 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding Photographers

The Bridal Processional is always a fun moment, when the Bride and her escort (in this case her Father) make their entrance to the wedding.

Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride

Kim was so happy she was beaming.

Beaming Bride
Beaming Bride

The family participated in a Unity Sand ceremony, which represented the blending of their lives.

Family Unity - Unity Sand Ceremony
Family Unity

And made it official by signing the marriage license with Officiant Montana Meadows.

License Signing with Montana Meadows
License Signing with Montana Meadows

That left them feeling very happy and very married.

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom

A favorite pose from their engagement session found its way to the wedding day.

Brad and Kim
Brad and Kim

And then the rest of their lives together began.

In Love - Mesa Arizona Wedding Photography - 3 Oceans Entertainment DJ and Photographers
In Love – Mesa Arizona Wedding Photography – 3 Oceans Entertainment DJ and Photographers

3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding DJ Photography and Videography

Wedding Photography AZ

Wedding Photography AZ

We we so fortunate to provide Wedding Photography AZ plus DJ service for Steven and Katya at the beautiful Litchfield Park Arizona home of their parents, Steve and Charlene.  Robbie also got to hop in the limo with the Bride and Groom, and scoot off to The Wigwam on nearby Wigwam Boulevard for some photography and fun before coming back to enjoy the backyard reception.

Katya is such a natural beauty that it was a joy to work with her in photo sessions.  Her sweetness really comes through into her pictures.

Beautiful Bride - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Bridal Photography
Beautiful Bride – Katya – 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photography

Earlier in the day she was working on her hair.

Bridal Preparation - Katya does her Hair - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographers
Bridal Preparation – Katya does her Hair – 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographers

Then there was time to relax a bit

Wedding Day is Here
Wedding Day is Here

and be ready for the biggest day of her life.

Princess in the Mirror - Bridesmaids adore the beautiful Bride - 3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Wedding Photography
Princess in the Mirror – Bridesmaids adore the beautiful Bride – 3 Oceans Entertainment Photography

Steven and his Groomsmen were patiently waiting.


Steven and his Groomsmen
Steven and his Groomsmen

Well, for the most part.

Groomsmen Goofing Around
Groomsmen Goofing Around

The Bridesmaids were all anxious,

Bridesmaids in Pink
Bridesmaids in Pink

and Katya was ready.

Beautiful Blonde Bride with Pink Shoes
Katya gets Married

Before they knew it, it was time to say “I Do”

I Do
I Do

and then whisk away

Bride and Groom Katya and Steven, Continental style in their Limousine - 3 Oceans Entertainment Photography - Wedding Photography AZ
Bride and Groom Katya and Steven, Continental style in their Limousine

to the nearby Wigwam Golf Resort for a room break and photo session.

Arizona Sky with Steven, Katya and 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographers
Arizona Sky with Steven, Katya and 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographers

A Little light flirting was in order.

Hey, Boy! - 3 Oceans Entertainment Wedding Photography
Hey, Boy!

They realized they had just been Married in Arizona.

Married in Arizona with 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Photographer and DJ
Married in Arizona

But they knew there were Wedding Guests waiting,

Unique Name Tags - Wedding Photography AZ with Arizona Wedding Photographers 3 Oceans Entertainment - Cameron and Robbie Carpenter
Unique Name Tags – Wedding Photography AZ with Arizona Wedding Photographers 3 Oceans Entertainment – Cameron and Robbie Carpenter

so they enjoyed a sunlit kiss

Sunkiss - Wedding Photography AZ

and then the Bride was ready

The Bride - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photography
The Bride – 3 Oceans Entertainment

to have a great night with her family and friends

Wedding Party
Wedding Party

and dance with her new Husband.

First Dance - 3 Oceans Entertainment
First Dance

3 Oceans Entertainment was excited to be their Wedding DJ as well and invites you to see more photos from Steven and Katya’s Wedding in the 3 Oceans Entertainment Photography Portfolio.

Wedding Photography Arizona

Wedding Photography Arizona

Wedding photography Arizona style is so rewarding when you are spending a wonderful wedding day with a remarkable couple, unique in their own special way, who share a deep and abiding love for family and especially each other. 3 Oceans Entertainment had such a blast with Brittany and Tony at Estrella Vista Reception Center in Avondale, AZ for their marriage, in attendance with DJ and Photography services.  Robbie Carpenter was lead photographer and used her observant eye for dimension and light to gather and hold on to several exceptional moments preserved using natural perspective balanced with gentle creativity. Here she demonstrates solidity set against fluidity with “Ring Splash”

Arizona Wedding Photography - 3 Oceans Entertainment AZ Wedding Photographers
“Ring Splash” – Arizona Wedding Photography – 3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Wedding Photographers

Opening the curtain for the stunning Bride Brittany,

Father and the Bride
Father and the Bride

who decided to marry Tony

Phoenix Arizona Bride and Groom
“It’s a Great Day to Get Married!” – Brittany and Tony

in the exquisite Arizona sunshine.

Wedding Photography in Arizona
Under a Tree

However, Tony may have gotten a little scared as he appeared to beat a hasty retreat!

Runaway Groom Running Away
Runaway Groom – “Oh, No!  Get him, Brittany – hold on tight!”

Robbie used the break to again exercise her creativity with cake and champagne toasts.  It was such a pleasure and a treat, especially because the Mother of the Bride made it with love.

Champagne Toast and Wedding Cake - 3 Oceans AZ Wedding Photo
Champagne Toast and Wedding Cake – Thanks Mom!

Having survived their “just kidding” moment, they took to the dance for the very first time as Man and Wife in a surreal moment when time stood still but the world kept spinning.

Bride and Groom First Dance
First Dance as Man and Wife

This left Brittany feeling spectacular as she was swept away into the night by her handsome new husband.

Carried Away in the Moment the Bride is swept into the night
Carried Away

Time for a little fun with their Wedding DJ Cameron of 3 Oceans Entertainment

Newlywed couple with Wedding DJ in Phoenix Arizona
Newlywed questions with DJ Cameron

Before dancing the night away.

3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Wedding DJ
Dance the Night Away

To see more of Brittney and Tony’s Arizona Wedding, please view the image gallery of this blog on the http://dj-photo-video-az.com/photography-portfolio/ page.  Go to the first image of

Brittany and Tony at EVRC in Avondale, AZ

and Click, Touch, Swipe!  Thanks for looking.

3 Oceans Entertainment Phoenix AZ Wedding and Event DJ Photo Video Services

Wedding Videographers in Arizona

Wedding Videographers in Arizona

We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately for wedding videographers in Arizona, but not necessarily for the best of reasons.  One particular urban wedding company promised much and delivered little.  Then they took the money and ran, and violated the trust of unfortunate engaged couples who believed in them.  They have now disappeared, and the wedding industry is better for their absence.

Meeting with an AZ Wedding Videography Photography DJ Company

The story begins over a year ago, when I got an email from a person I knew as a wedding videographer to meet with him and hear about a proposal he had for me.  He wouldn’t discuss it on the phone, other than to say it was a “great opportunity” that I “would not want to miss out on.”  I decided to set aside the time to hear what he had to say.

After arriving at the time and place he designated, I was greeted with a big phony smile and introduced to a colleague of his who supposedly had flown in from California just to meet with me, or at least that is what I was led to believe.  The hair on the back of my neck was already beginning to stand up when the wedding videographer (we’ll just call him “Thad”) said that his friend (we’ll just call him “Mr. Creepy”) was there to observe, and for the remainder of the meeting Mr. Creepy just sat there with a disturbing look on his face listening intently as Thad went through his passive/aggressive presentation.  I later learned that I was not the only one to receive the sales pitch that day, but that’s beside the point.

He began by complimenting me on what a great job I was doing as a wedding and event DJ, and my wife and I as wedding videographers in Arizona (he was not aware of the fact that we had already branched out into wedding photography) while pointing out that his company dominated the wedding business in Arizona and were taking over nationwide with Mr. Creepy.  Apparently there would be no room for other wedding vendors after their plan to take over, and this would be my only chance to get in on the ground floor with them.  He noted the accolades and awards that my wife and I have gathered in our almost 10 years in business, and even acknowledged that he was aware of my ability and dedication.  He then warned me it was all about to come to an abrupt end unless I went along with his offer.  Cue dramatic music bum-pa-bum!

Mr. Creepy smirked at me when Thad said they had a plan to expand their power and that basically any Videography, Photography, or DJ job in any state they were doing business would go through them as brokers.  He claimed to have a crack team of SEO experts who would insure that their website would be the only one seen on Google.  The only perceived threat to them was WeddingWire, and the strategy there would be simply to buy out all of the top spots to gain preferred placement.  Besides, he figured that any potential client looking at them would be crazy to go anywhere else.  I guess they figured there was no such thing as free will in the marketplace.

The Offer

Here’s where I fit into their plan.  I would close my business, 3 Oceans Entertainment, and surrender any existing or future jobs to them.  In return, I could be the DJ manager for the state of Arizona.  They would lowball the price to get all the available work in the state.  He claimed they had all sorts of DJ talent in California waiting to fly out to Arizona to fulfill the jobs.  When I questioned this, he actually said “we can get all the chumps we need because they are desperate for work.”  They would collect the deposits from clients (half up front,) pay the DJs a pittance, and give me a salary to insure that everything went smoothly.

He thought that they already had all the videography and photography jobs wrapped up for themselves, and expanding into domination of the DJ field would be their next logical step.  He pointed out that I would not be able to get any more wedding video, photo, or DJ work on my own, as that would all be going to them now.

He may have said some other outrageous things, but I was already done listening and looking for a way out.  I may be old-fashioned, but I believe honesty and integrity mean something and there was none to be had here.

As I was leaving, I remember Thad saying we would be out of business as soon as they implemented their plan, and this would be the last chance I had to join their team.  Shortly afterward, I saw their ads begin to appear on the internet and their website promising the best DJ, Photography and Videography service for the lowest price.  It appeared their conquest had begun.

The Trouble Begins

I’ll admit they took a lot of work away from us for a while.  I would call or email with prospective Brides and Grooms who told me they decided to book with another company offering a great deal.  They had already put half down on a deposit and were convinced they were choosing the right vendor to help with their special day.  I worked alongside this company on a few occasions when the couple had chosen us for one service and the other guys for another.  I even had a few of their independent contractors tell me about all the money they were going to make with this wedding company.  They had been promised to be paid well for their hard work, although most of them had yet to receive payment for their services.

The Kicker

Then it came.  They collected as much money as they could while paying out as little as possible.  They kept people happy until they decided to strike.  Suddenly they were gone!  Phone disconnected and no response to emails, no-show at contracted events and no recourse for customers.  They seemingly disappeared off the face off the earth, but apparently indicated to WeddingWire that “they are no longer in business.”  According to multiple complaints, the money is gone and the clients have been left high and dry.  To add insult to injury, their many website listings now redirect to porn websites.  Ouch!

The Good News

The good news is that the previous story is an extreme and unfortunate example, as most reputable companies want to do a good job and maintain a positive reputation after your event. A legitimate business has little interest in legal difficulty, but the sad fact is there are bad guys out there who are more interested in pulling a fast one. Fortunately, there are several measures that can be taken to minimize the risk.

First is using a contract signed by both parties. It does not necessarily need to be complicated, but should include the basics of date, time and location of event, and terms. It should also include a clause concerning what will happen in the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances that would prevent performance.

Second is working with an established business that has a history measured in years, not months. The longer a business has been around, the more likely they will be there when your event comes around.

Third has to do with integrity, which can often be indicated by reputation. Personal recommendations from friends and family are great. In the absence of that, online reviews from a trusted and verified source can be quite helpful. On a side note, many brides and grooms review a group of vendors after an event, so looking for a set of reviews on a certain date can be a good idea.

Another good line of defense is using a credit card for the deposit payment. Disputes can be mediated through your credit card company and often resolved to your benefit if your vendor does not show up to your event or has otherwise nefarious intentions. PayPal offers some measure of protection, but is currently limited to 45 days from the transaction date.

3 Oceans Entertainment is still here after surviving the battle with “Thad Moerber of Urban Wedding Company.”  We have wedding videographers in Arizona, as well as photography and DJ services for weddings and events in AZ.  We’ve been operating with quality, honesty and integrity in the Arizona wedding industry for over 10 years, and are thrilled to have been involved in the weddings of over one thousand happy couples.  We respect marriage and people, offer great services at fantastic prices, and fulfill the promises we make.   Please consider 3 Oceans Entertainment for your wedding and event DJ, Photo and/or Video service needs in Arizona.

Wedding Videographers in Arizona
3 Oceans Entertainment – Wedding Event DJ Photo Video services in AZ

Best Arizona Wedding DJs – Wedding Elite

Best Arizona Wedding DJs

Wedding Elite Magazine and App Best Wedding DJ's in AZ 2012
The Wedding Elite Magazine Award for Best Wedding DJs in Arizona 2012

With the #1 best-selling bridal magazine on the Apple Newsstand, Wedding Elite Magazine recently conducted a number of internet based polls to determine the best wedding vendors in Arizona, as well as other states across the nation. 3 Oceans Entertainment was honored to be rated as one of the 2012 Top 5 Best Arizona Wedding DJs with a 3rd place finish. Congratulations to Starz Entertainment and Desert House Productions with the top two spots respectively. In fairness, one company advertises 10 DJs on staff and the other 2. We have 1, so I’m happy to take the bronze award while being outnumbered.

This particular award was based solely on number of votes. In other words, a company with multiple DJs on staff is more likely to get a higher number of votes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just the way some DJ companies choose to do business. It’s called a multiple operator model, or “multi-op,” as opposed to a “single-op” format. I’ve chosen to go with the single-op for two reasons; one is my wife does not want to be a DJ, and the other is I believe in dependability and accountability. With DJ service from 3 Oceans Entertainment, your DJ is Cameron Carpenter. That’s me. You get to deal directly with the person doing your event, so I learn as much as I can about your musical tastes, desires and vision for your event, and try my best to make it happen. I strongly believe that your event is about you, and frankly there are far too few DJs who believe the same way. The truth is the vast majority of wedding DJs that I’ve seen try to make it about them, thinking they should demand attention by acting stupid – yelling into the microphone non-stop in a fake voice, hosting ridiculous games and crazy contests that embarrass you and your guests, and worse.  I just don’t see the point with all this ridiculous nonsense, and that’s why I’m clear about leaving the attitude and ego behind. A special event such as a wedding should be elegant and fun, and I have no desire to be some sort of party clown.

(You may have noticed that we do offer multiple services and wondered how that works. My wife and I have a system that allows us to provide two of our three services at one event, and use an assistant for the third one if needed. I network with other professionals who have a similar price and style to allow this, and also for coverage in the extreme case of illness. Please call me for details if you’re wondering about specifics.)

2013 Wedding Elite Magazine and App Member

Wedding Elite Magazine
The Wedding Elite Magazine

3 Oceans Entertainment is included in the new edition of The Wedding Elite Magazine and App, available in the iTunes App Store as one of their preferred wedding vendors in Arizona.

They are not trying to be a comprehensive directory listing of every wedding vendor out there, instead “Wedding Elite Magazine is an exclusive print and digital magazine showcase featuring premier wedding professionals throughout the United States. Our goal is to connect discerning brides with wedding vendors who portray the utmost in class, professionalism, and talent.” (Quoted from their website, www.theweddingelite.com)

3 Oceans Entertainment in The Wedding Elite
3 Oceans Entertainment in The Wedding Elite Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

I answered “yes” to all of these questions, and felt good about being aligned with an organization that promotes quality.  Please visit my website at www.3oe.co for additional information.