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Best Arizona Wedding DJs – Wedding Elite

Best Arizona Wedding DJs

Wedding Elite Magazine and App Best Wedding DJ's in AZ 2012
The Wedding Elite Magazine Award for Best Wedding DJs in Arizona 2012

With the #1 best-selling bridal magazine on the Apple Newsstand, Wedding Elite Magazine recently conducted a number of internet based polls to determine the best wedding vendors in Arizona, as well as other states across the nation. 3 Oceans Entertainment was honored to be rated as one of the 2012 Top 5 Best Arizona Wedding DJs with a 3rd place finish. Congratulations to Starz Entertainment and Desert House Productions with the top two spots respectively. In fairness, one company advertises 10 DJs on staff and the other 2. We have 1, so I’m happy to take the bronze award while being outnumbered.

This particular award was based solely on number of votes. In other words, a company with multiple DJs on staff is more likely to get a higher number of votes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just the way some DJ companies choose to do business. It’s called a multiple operator model, or “multi-op,” as opposed to a “single-op” format. I’ve chosen to go with the single-op for two reasons; one is my wife does not want to be a DJ, and the other is I believe in dependability and accountability. With DJ service from 3 Oceans Entertainment, your DJ is Cameron Carpenter. That’s me. You get to deal directly with the person doing your event, so I learn as much as I can about your musical tastes, desires and vision for your event, and try my best to make it happen. I strongly believe that your event is about you, and frankly there are far too few DJs who believe the same way. The truth is the vast majority of wedding DJs that I’ve seen try to make it about them, thinking they should demand attention by acting stupid – yelling into the microphone non-stop in a fake voice, hosting ridiculous games and crazy contests that embarrass you and your guests, and worse.  I just don’t see the point with all this ridiculous nonsense, and that’s why I’m clear about leaving the attitude and ego behind. A special event such as a wedding should be elegant and fun, and I have no desire to be some sort of party clown.

(You may have noticed that we do offer multiple services and wondered how that works. My wife and I have a system that allows us to provide two of our three services at one event, and use an assistant for the third one if needed. I network with other professionals who have a similar price and style to allow this, and also for coverage in the extreme case of illness. Please call me for details if you’re wondering about specifics.)

2013 Wedding Elite Magazine and App Member

Wedding Elite Magazine
The Wedding Elite Magazine

3 Oceans Entertainment is included in the new edition of The Wedding Elite Magazine and App, available in the iTunes App Store as one of their preferred wedding vendors in Arizona.

They are not trying to be a comprehensive directory listing of every wedding vendor out there, instead “Wedding Elite Magazine is an exclusive print and digital magazine showcase featuring premier wedding professionals throughout the United States. Our goal is to connect discerning brides with wedding vendors who portray the utmost in class, professionalism, and talent.” (Quoted from their website, www.theweddingelite.com)

3 Oceans Entertainment in The Wedding Elite
3 Oceans Entertainment in The Wedding Elite Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

I answered “yes” to all of these questions, and felt good about being aligned with an organization that promotes quality.  Please visit my website at www.3oe.co for additional information.




New Blog Location – 3 Oceans Entertainment Blog

New 3 Oceans Entertainment Blog Location

This is the NEW location for the 3 Oceans Entertainment Blog (and Portfolio, after I build it) Wedding Event DJ Photo Video services in Phoenix Arizona, effective April 2013.

For posts previous to this date, please see the OLD location at Cameron3oe’s Blog.

Please bear with me as I add and update content.  I thought it would be better to archive the old blog and start fresh with the new one, consistent with our new approach.

Wedding Event DJs Photography Videography services in Phx AZ - 3 Oceans Entertainment Blog
3 Oceans Entertainment – Wedding Event DJ Photo Video services in Phoenix Arizona

We’re Officially Adding Photography Service!

We have been busy with DJ and Video work for years and have only done photography jobs as they came along, choosing not to actively pursue work in the very crowded field of wedding and event photography.  However, we have witnessed far too many occasions when the attitude and ego of the photographer has undermined the success of the event.  Quite frankly, we’re tired of it and have decided to stop walking on eggshells and worrying about the fragile egos and insecurities of those who care more about themselves than the client.  We’re pretty straightforward and are offering our work in this area as “affordable wedding photography in AZ” with budget friendly rates with delivery of high resolution images on disc, free of duplication restrictions.  If that sounds like what you’ve got in mind, please consider us.  However, if you’re looking for more than we can offer in this area, we do have some recommendations for fine art photographers who do great work while operating in a higher cost bracket than we do…and without their noses in the air!

Please visit our refreshed website for more information and examples of our work, and thanks!